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NAB is a late clinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing the proprietary use of specific conjugate delivery particles, delivered via a patented soluble particle of otherwise insoluble moiety, to increase the efficacy of the structure, reduce maximum therapeutic dose, and minimize dose limiting toxicity level of a known product. In short, it increases the efficacy, reduces the safety concerns while increases the life cycle use of the same product to adjacently progress the treatment of an underlying disease. NAB is currently preparing for a launching and approval of multiple products via 505 (B2) route as well as life cycle Phase III- type of Clinical Trials. We work with the top therapeutically decisive centres of excellence and have produced our publication in reflecting the positive Phase II Clinical Trial results.


A Data Monitoring Committee (DMC) is an autonomous collection of clinical professionals which monitors patient safety andefficacy data


The CEC identifies/chartered suspected events by systematic review of clinical; including biomarkers related to the events of interest,

Risk Management Services

GAP begins a risk management program with classification and evaluation of risks related to the products.


(QPPV) services for clients who are entering in the European Union (EU) market to ensure a strong administration of Marketing Authorization Holder's


SCP- Technology is a novel modality that provides enhanced solubility of chemotherapeutic agents; in addition to the class III- IV compounds,


According to the new draft Drug Safety Guidance for Industry, Biopharmaceutical and Devices companies are urged to consider utilizing Safety Assessment Committees