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We would like to introduce you to our manufactured rapid test for Coronavirus. We are aware of the extreme shortage of tests throughout our country. Our companies, Nexus Alliance Biopharma & Global Allied Pharmaceuticals, are perhaps a leading manufacturer and distributor of rapid test diagnostic products. Our products include over 100 rapid-tests. For example, we offer first-ever OTC and/or office HCP test kits. Other rapid tests includes the various infectious diseases like Ebola, ZIKA, TB, Dengue Fever, HIV, HSV 1 &2, HCV, cholera Malaria, Cholera, cancer markers like PSA 1 & 4, Fecal Occult Blood (FOB) Cassette etc. Our kits are precise, accurate, less expensive, and faster to get results by as much as millions (30 seconds to 8 minutes as opposed to 1-7 days). Every one of our test kits is at least 98% or higher in their accuracy and precision. All FDA approved and fully the US- manufactured. Quality and proven record of accomplishment in clinics. These are medical time- travel in action! We are able to get it done faster and less costly than other most companies because of our unique expertise, our record of accomplishment of focusing and producing tests like the Coronavirus. Our test is a rapid test with results shown in 15 minutes or less. The FDA has allowed private companies to begin marketing Coronavirus test kits directly to the public in order to ease a chronic shortage of test kits. See link to the Wall Street Journal, FDA to Allow Marketing of Coronavirus Test Kits Without Prior Approval Alternatively, Global has submitted test data to the FDA for review for the Real Time Rapid PCR Test. Global has concurrently filed for FDA approval under the “emergency use statute” for the Real Time PCR Rapid Test and has received the acknowledgement that the test application has been accepted and is in process of review.

If you are interested in placing an order, please send us a preliminary order so that we can reserve the quantities for you and we will provide sample test kits, if requested, prior to actual placement of a Purchase Order.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss further, please Timothy Allen M.D.,Ph.D. on 321-945-4283 and