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Toxicities Associated with Antibody Drug Conjugates


Conventional chemotherapeutic agents, in the treatment of several cancers, lack specificity, resulting in toxicities to normal tissues and poor therapeutic index. Antibody-based immunoconjugates are specifically targeted monoclonal antibodies that deliver the cytotoxic agent to the target cell. When the cytotoxic agents are used, which is a highly potent drug, such molecules are referred to as antibody-drug conjugates. This represents a promising approach to enhance the efficacy of unconjugated antibodies for improved therapeutics and decreased toxicities. Safety of these molecules is still a matter of concern. Novel designing techniques are required to develop molecules, having a safe toxicity profile, along with therapeutic effectiveness. This review focuses on various toxicities associated with the use of antibody-drug conjugates.

Key words: Antibody, Conjuagtes, mABs

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