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Complementary medicines and cancer.


A great strength of patients use complementary medicine, which is an adjuvant to the conventional treatment because complementary medicine is an integrative approach. Conventional treatments have some harmful effects for patients, but many patients use complementary medicine, along with the treatment of mainstream cancer. It has proven to be a successful approach to improve the quality of life (QOL) of patients, by adding satisfaction and improvement in health condition. There are subtypes of the complementary medicine, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Biological based practices, Main-Body medicine, Energy medicine, and Manipulative and Body-Based Practices, available in the market. There are some significant or reliable evidences from previous studies, for the use and benefits of complementary medicines. The conventional treatment for cancer patients can operate quite safely, with the help of complementary medicine and there are some evidences that it reduces fatigue, nausea, pain, anxiety, depression, hormonal treatment, and psychological issues of patients. Physician must provide all the information about the type and use of complementary medicine, along with the conventional treatment of cancer, while discussing the course of treatment strategy for better clarity of the patient and for the family.

Key words: Complementary Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Biological-based practices, Energy medicine, Main-Body medicine, and Manipulative and Body-Based Practices

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