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Immunotherapeutic Approach to Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck.


Head and neck cancers make up of 3-5% of cancer diagnoses in the United States. The most common occur in the squamous cells of the head and neck. Immunotherapy is an alternative to chemotherapy and radiation therapy to treat cancer. It is utilized by stimulating one's own immune system to fight the tumor. Another way to utilize immunotherapy is by giving someone synthetic immune system proteins to fight the cancer. In this paper, we discuss the pathophysiology of squamous cell head and neck cancer, the active molecules involved in immunotherapy, as well as potential ways to fight these cancers using immunotherapy

Key words: Head and neck cancer; Immunotherapy; Epidermal growth factor receptor; Kinase inhibitor; Monoclonal antibody; Cytokine; Vaccine; T cell.

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