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Emerging Role of Immunotherapy in Breast Cancer


Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women, after non-melanoma skin cancer. One out of every 8 woman in the United States will develop breast cancer. It can be caused by genetic mutations, using certain medicines, or even hereditary disorders. Traditionally breast cancer would be treated through surgery, radiation therapy or chemotherapy. However, novel approaches in targeting the tumor cells rather than normal cells are changing both the therapeutic options and the prognosis of breast cancer. Immunotherapy, is one of these targeted therapeutic approaches that has been shown promising results in the treatment of specific subtypes of breast cancer and has been subjected to significant development and clinical studies.. This kind of therapy stimulates one's own immune system and exploits immunologic anti-tumor mechanisms such as antibodies, as well as cell mediated cytotoxicity to fight the malignant tumor. In this paper, we discuss the causes, epidemiology, and potential immunotherapeutic techniques to treat breast cancer..

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